Friday, July 31, 2009

Eye-Opening Secrets From the World of Librarians

Sometimes the posts just write themselves. Here, for instance, I’ll let Kathleen Low, authoress of Casanova Was A Librarian (2007), tell the story in her own words, from her website; I can’t top this hot copy.

Please provide your own wisecracks in the appropriate spots within the text; I’ve bitten my tongue so often I might as well just swallow it along with some sauerkraut and a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Rey soda.

“They’ve been killed by angry mobs, knighted, and even canonized. Some have gained fame or infamy as politicians, inventors, revolutionaries, notorious lovers and even saints. In ancient Rome they were literally slaves. They can be found in every community. And we either love them or hate them. There’s no other explanation for them, except to say, they’re librarians!

“Casanova Was a Librarian provides a peek at the lighthearted, humorous, sexy and intriguing side of librarians. In addition to information about famous librarians, you’ll learn about librarians in politics, porn, poetry, song, movies, and the comics. Librarian humor, librarian recreation and health, librarian underwear, outerwear and other merchandise designed just for librarians are just a sample of the information you’ll find in this book.

“In Casanova Was a Librarian you’ll find detailed information on interesting and humorous aspects of librarians. For example:

• Casanova, the Brothers Grimm, Pope Pius IX, and Golda Meir
were librarians.

• For that ‘hard to buy for’ librarian in your life, you can
purchase gifts ranging from ladies’ thongs designed with sexy librarian logos and messages on them, to pet collars bearing the appropriate Dewey Decimal Number on them.

• Rex Libris, a comic book series by James Turner, focuses on the
adventures of a space-traveling librarian as he chases down overdue books while fighting to preserve the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. The series is available from SLG Publishing.

• According to the U.S. Census, the median age of librarians is 47, and only 18% of librarians are male.

• UnShelved is a free daily online comic set in a public library.

• Librarian’s Lung is a rare disease recognized by OSHA. It affects librarians who have inhaled certain mold spores over a prolonged period.

• Action figures can be purchased for six different famous librarians. One even has a bobble-head toy made in her image.

• And don’t miss the chapters on librarian jokes, pick up lines, songs, and other humorous aspects of librarians!

“Send an email to with ‘Librarian fun’ in the subject line and you'll receive interesting librarian related information in your email inbox once a month”

Ms. Low is also the author of Recruiting Library Staff and Legislative Reference Services and Sources. I have to figure that after writing those two gripping volumes it was time to slip into something more comfortable and tickle the reader.

I'm tickled.

I do have one major complaint, though: Having lodged the image of Golda Meir as librarian deep into my cerebral ventricles, Ms. Low has thrust my lusty librarian fantasy into a very cold shower and permanent cold storage.


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