Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloons on the Loose at Doyle's

(Artist Unknown). A View of Monsr. Garnerin’s Balloon and Parachute. Hand-Colored Engraving, c. 1802. Lot 313

Yesterday’s drama involving an escaped, untethered balloon and the possibility that a child may have been aboard reminds us of the challenges and dangers of balloon flight and the role of ballooning in the history of aeronautics.

On Wednesday October 28, 2009, Doyles - New York will be auctioning the aeronautical collection of William G. Gerhard (1905-1975), who spent sixty years assembling a remarkable collection of material relating to early aviation, including stunning engravings.

Below, a few highlights.

W. Gauci, Representation of the Balloon Immediately Proceeding its Ascension from the Village of Seal. Hand-Colored Lithograph, 1826. Lot 317

After Desrais. Globe Aerostatique, Dedie a Monsieur Charles
Hand-Colored Engraving, c. 1783. Lot 292.

Allarme Generale de Habitants de Gonesse, Occasione par la Chute du Balloon Aerostatique de Mr. De Mongolfe, Hand-Colored Engraving, 1784. Lot 291.

[Sadler Ascension]. Hand-Colored Aquatint, c. 1811-1814, Lot 313.


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