Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Leaning Bookshelves of Deger Gengiz

Trained as an architect, Deger Gengiz has professionally worked in architecture, archeology, and industrial design for the past twenty years.

While he creates functional, versatile, and affordable pieces, he continues to explore the boundaries between conceptual art and experimental design.

His work has been published in several international architecture books and included in the permanent collection of the Red Dot Design Museum.

 His most recent creation, the Cactus Chair, is an experiment investigating the effect of visual data to the user's experience. The existence of the Barrel Cactus is temporarily discomfiting, even though the user knows that the cactus underneath them is not likely to leave evidence of its existence on their butt.

Glass shards are another matter.

Images courtesy of Voos Design.

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