Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Untested Tranquilizer Circulates At Yale Library

Yale Law Library's Photo Of The Now Withdrawn Tranquilizer.
(Images Courtesy of Above The Law.)

The story broke September 13, 2010 in the online legal tabloid, Above The Law: Yale Law School's Lillian Goldman Law Library was circulating a previously untested stress reliever for frazzled Esquires-In-Training. Going by the street name, "Monty," it was said to be safer than a tab of Valium or Ativan, and was freely available over the counter. But this balm for frayed nerves proved so dangerously addictive that by September 14 it had been withdrawn from the shelves. Now Law Librarian Julian Aiken is denying the entire episode, claiming: "I'm not quite sure where Above the Law got its information from, but we have not actually proceeded with circulating Monty."

Unfortunately for Aiken, there is not only photographic evidence to the contrary, but Above The Law also obtained internal cataloging records which confirmed Monty's previous circulation at the Library:

Lillian Goldman Law Library's Brief Catalog Record For "Monty."

The Online Image Of The Item.

And The Full Description Of The Same Item:

Yale Law School is consistently ranked the number one law school in the nation according to U.S. News And World Report. Nevertheless Librarian Julian Aiken claims that circulating an untested stress reliever to its already overwhelmed students was simply a joke : "The idea of circulating [Monty] at the Yale Law Library is one that has been humorously kicked around." Aiken had better get ready for a Michael Vick style dogfight if PETA gets wind of the Library's involvement in the trafficking of this controversial canine tranquilizer.
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  1. One might think the PETA people might LIKE that the dog is providing the stress relief...

  2. But how was he listed in OCLC--Online Computer Library Center worldwide catalog to the uninitiated?


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