Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Book Clocks Spoof School Spirit, Sex, Guns, Space, Drugs - And Meat

By Stephen J. Gertz

Vintage Book Clocks, the Venice, California designer and purveyor of literary timepieces, has added to its catalog a few chronometers with slightly cracked attitude. Not every book clock they sell is a tad unhinged or otherwise meant to be humorous, and, for all I know, no laughs were intended with this recent crop. But they are certainly amusing to this citizen of Absurdistan.

The company is having a sale, through April 2, 2012, on

If The Runner With The Open Fly doesn't speed up your stopwatch, perhaps The Story of Crisco, a vintage product cookbook that likely omits the product's primary off-label use as an intimate lubricant, will grease your interest.

For more information contact Vintage Clock Books.

Images courtesy of Vintage Book Clocks, with our thanks.

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