Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Booktryst Returns With Booktryst Anew

by Stephen J. Gertz

Having recently emerged from a secret lair within British Columbia where I'd been hibernating with a sloth of grizzly bears that had adopted me, I bring news of Booktryst.  

Booktryst now sells books. 

Over the last 18-24 months I've been slowly transitioning Booktryst from blog to bookseller, remaining true to my tradition of doing things ass-backward. During this reorganization, I've been acquiring interesting and curious rare and antiquarian books, etc. (note  new subscript below our header), sending out miscellaneous lists  to a select few, growing sales, and carefully building the business toward a public debut.

That time is now. 

I'll be posting important news over the next few days, with a major announcement on Friday, so keep an eye out (you can put it back in afterward).

In the meantime, I'm so post-hibernation hungry I could eat a raw tarantula.


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