Thursday, October 4, 2012

Booktryst Hits 1,000,000 and Plans For The Future

by Stephen J. Gertz

This week, Booktryst, established in May, 2010 to cover the world of rare books and cross-over to a general audience, exceeded 1,000,000 page-views. This stat, representing readership of Booktryst's deep archive of over 1,000 post-features with daily additions, has been our threshold for establishing a strong brand identity and international presence to justify a complete redesign of the site, and, importantly, to attract advertisers with well-developed real estate that has earned readers' loyalty and confidence.

That process is now underway; the new site will debut in the near future but not a moment sooner than necessary to get it right; we have thus far been very patient and see no reason to be otherwise. All advertising will be curated so that Booktryst readers can have confidence in our advertisers; the site will not be junked-up with ads from vendors of dubious virtue or products; advertisers will be vetted.

Of note to potential advertisers is that Booktryst has established a solid global identity. In descending order of national presence, Booktryst readership is strong in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, China, Australia, Germany, India, Italy, and Russia. Note the presence of China and India, currently #5 and #8 in our fan club, hugely important emerging marketplaces ripe for promoting your business to a well-defined target audience with increasing disposable income and anxious to spend it on goods and services of personal interest and importance.

Our ad rate card is in development. Interested advertisers may contact the publisher for details and to reserve space in advance of Booktryst's debut in new format.

Of importance to our loyal readers, Booktryst will continue to remain independent of the dealers whose offered volumes we often feature in our stories. Booktryst has never accepted fees for promoting dealers' stock and will never do so. All  books written about are chosen by the editor out of personal interest; we do not accept requests. We proudly promote the world of rare books and the trade but are not shills for individuals.

The new Booktryst is on the way. Keep watching the skies.

• • •

Booktryst was recently the subject of a wonderful article in Americana Exchange Monthly, Booktryst - Blog Extraordinaire.


  1. Congratulations and please do not lose the RSS feed in transition!

    1. Thank you, Rupert for you ongoing readership and support.


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