Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old School Daze Book Jackets Updated, Now Hip n' Cool

Book City Jackets' Artist Series 2, group
Remember those plain Kraft brown paper dust jackets from grammar and junior high school? (Your memory may have to stretch back to the 1950s-1960s).

Book City Jackets' Standards grouping: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Favorite
We used to have fun doodling on them, drawing, writing notes, declarations of everlasting love, paeans to rotten teachers, doggerel, and all manner of personal expression.

Book City Jackets "Fiction"
They, alas, fell by the wayside, along with the mimeograph machine, replaced by DJs with school logo and branded characters. Glossy-coated, they were impossible to write on or customize.

Customize to protect and serve!

Book City Jackets, founded in 2008 by Emma Gaines-Ross and Jeremy Schwartz and based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has stepped into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine and returned with updated versions of the classic paper bag book cover. The covers are off-set printed on recycled kraft paper and “fold-to-fit” almost any book.

By Nishat Akhtar. Artists Series 2

Book City Jackets’ goal is to turn books into a new kind of affordable art that can be displayed on bookshelves and coffee tables, in cafes and classrooms, on planes and trains. In short, any place where people bring their books.

By Cheeming Boey. Artist Series 2

Book City Jackets began with simple designs but this year introduced Artist Series 1 &2.

By Michael C. Hsiung. Artists Series 2

"Whale Whisperer" by Eveline Tarunadjaja. Artist Series 1

"Tiger" by Morgan Blair. Artist Series 1
"King Birds" by Matt Caputo. Artist Series 1

Book City Jackets has limited distribution through boutique retail shops (list here) but can also be ordered through Amazon.

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