Thursday, June 3, 2010

New iPhone App For Book Lovers

Wales-based mobile software developer Electric Pocket has just released BookLover 1.0, an iPhone application specifically for readers and collectors.

Declaring it “a handy new app for people who love to read and share their favorite books with friends. BookLover helps you remember your favorite books and gives you a safe place to jot down the books you want to read... and easily share your tips with your friends by Facebook or email."

Your favorite books at your fingertips.

Read a great book and want to recommend it to a friend? Or heard about a book you think you'd like to read? Simply enter the title and author (if you know it) in BookLover, then it’s always available when chatting with friends or shopping at the bookstore.

Great design - and helpful features.

BookLover uses your iPhone's smarts to not only look great, but to automatically fetch the information you want on books you love. Behind the scenes, BookLover fetches the cover of the books you enter and, when available, a small synopsis of the book too!

Great books are for sharing.

Having a list of your faves on-hand is great when the conversation turns to books, but BookLover goes even further to help you share good reads. You can post a short review to your Facebook wall from right within the app, or send an email to a friend.

And dig that genuine digital faux wood-grain finish. It's a mobile, mini-bookshelf, of almost infinite length, recalling in paraphrase Mae West's quip, "Is that a bookshelf in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

 ...And if Mike knows what's good for him, he'll return it.

As someone who has to empty his pockets (electric or otherwise) at the end of each day of the various tiny scraps of paper I've scrawled notes on about this or that book, BookLover seems like an excellent way to keep track of books to read or have read. It would require, however, that I give up the time consuming yet mentally challenging task of taking all those itty-bitty notes that I've thrown into a box with the genuine intent of following through and organizing them to some useful purpose but never do.

It would also require that I buy an iPhone. I don't even own a regular cell phone. But if I did...!

BookLover is available through the iTunes Store with a low introductory price of just 99¢.


N.B. Bibliophiles are still waiting for BookRepo, the extremely mobile app that goes out, knocks on doors, lets itself in, grabs the book you lent six months ago, and returns it to your digital shelf PDQ. By the time you finish this sentence, every book you've ever loaned and lost can be returned to you without awkward social interface.


  1. Can't wait to download it. C'mon, Stephen, join the iPhone Borg--you will be assimilated!

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