Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kittypalooza! The World's First Catalog Devoted To Old And Rare Books On Cats

Between The Covers, the New Jersey-based maestros of merchandising their vast inventory, has issued The Cat: A Log, a collection of old and rare books on the most popular pet in the United States, the domestic cat. It is, to the best our research, the world's first rare bookseller catalog exclusively devoted to volumes about our friends of the feline persuasion.

What is particularly noteworthy is that all of the books in the catalog are priced under $500 with the majority falling under $150. As such, it provides the novice with an excellent point of entry into the book collecting hobby. 
According to a 2007 market research report from the American Veterinary Medicine Association, approximately thirty-seven million households in the U.S. have cats, with an average of 2.2 per home. That adds up to eighty-two million cats slinking around with nothing to read.
The Cat: A Log should take care of that. If, however, the cats prove uninterested, it's likely that at least a few of the people who have eighty-two million cats in their thirty-seven million homes will find something of interest and delight.
If anyone has ever been intimidated by rare books, their collection, and cost, The Cat: A Log should provide calm, satisfaction, and a sigh of relief.
It should be pointed out Dogalog, Between The Covers' recent catalog devoted to old and rare books on canines, will provide the same comfort.
Gerbils, alas, are found in only 187,000 households in the U.S., with a total population of 431,000, one of whom, Lorenzo, is forever romantically linked with actor Richard Gere who, to this day, refuses to acknowledge the relationship. 
Spurned and heartbroken, Lorenzo carries a torch. 
Full story on TMZ.

I strongly suspect we won't be seeing Gerbilog anytime soon.

But if Between The Covers ever puts together a collection of old and rare books on the timber industry, look out for Logalog.

In the meantime, we have The Cat: A Log, catnip for cat lovers and proof positive that collecting books doesn't have to bust the budget. If you don't believe me ask your cat, who is at this moment knows exactly what's on your mind.
 "Yes, buy me some cat books or I'll hide under the bed 
and you won't see me for weeks."
The Cat: A Log can be viewed on the Between The Covers website here (scroll down and choose).

Images courtesy of Between The Covers.
Image of Lorenzo courtesy of his attorney, celebrity lawyer


  1. This is not quite the first cat-alogue. A few years ago, Sabine Keune of the Verband deutscher Antiquare issued her catalogue "Catwalk", entirely devoted to our furry feline friends.

  2. The Hettie Gray Baker book intrigues me. Someone by that name was an active script writer and film editor in the silent movie days. I have found very little about her but she interests me.

  3. I believe the act lover and author Hettie Gray Baker is the same Hollywood editor that you speak of. Doing research myself a this moment.

  4. I should have added that Baker worked not in Hollywood, but in New York.


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