Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet The Indian Amazon

 Maria Tallchief as The Firebird.

No, not Maria Tallchief, the celebrated Native-American prima ballerina.

Rather, Infibeam, India's version of

Infibeam began life as an online retailer of new (and used) cars, (don't miss the 2010 Tata Nano CX), moved into other product categories, including books, introduced an eBook reader, the Pi, its own mobile phones, and is now taking orders for its competitor to the iPad, the Phi.

The Infibeam Pi. (Hand not included with purchase).
 Now, it is getting into the used and rare book business, offering used copies of new or newish books and, when they soon open the site to independent sellers, rare books as well.

The Infibeam Phi.

The Infibeam website looks suspiciously as if it was designed by an avatar of Jeff Bezos from Delhi.
Jehfawar Bezohandas, as portrayed by young Ben Kingsley.

 India has a thriving used and rare book trade; open shops abound. Let's hope Infibeam doesn't kill them and wind up as Kali, the ferocious Hindu goddess and Destroyer of Worlds.


Question: When someone in India has a tech issue or requires customer assistance from an online retailer is their call routed to a service center in Kansas?

With thanks to for the lead.


  1. Steve,

    You do make book collecting interesting and funny - and on the latter point, are you sure you're not at least part British?

  2. Ditto on what Simon said! I so pleased I found this blog. I hope one of the calls gets routed to my house in Okla... Mhwahahhahahah!


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