Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Amazing Labyrinth Of Books

By Stephen J. Gertz

From July 31 - August 26 2012 the Southbank Centre Clore Ballroom in London will host aMAZEme, an art project that integrates literature books, performance, installation and cinema. It's just one of many events at the 2012 London Festival.

Created by Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, aMAZEme provides a total immersive experience for those who attend. The audience is subtly led into a labyrinth of books. Once lost in the maze, curiosity, knowledge and creativity are stimulated.

It's as if Richard Serra traded-in his monumental slabs of rolled steel for monumental walls constructed from 250,000 (yes, 250,000) books.

The audience fully participates in the project, discovering new textures, images and emotions. They become surrounded- hypnotized – by words and thoughts, designs and patterns.

There appear to be secrets hidden in the installation’s walls, which are up to 2.5 meters high, built from thousands of books, forming a 500 square meter maze.

The construction of the labyrinth and public participation will be filmed by video cameras and sent to the “aMAZEme" website as well as to social media sites. Touch screens will be installed to look up information and to screen content, which will also be shown in monitors throughout the installation.

The public will be able to navigate through this hypnotic and surprising “book labyrinth” or attend daily performances from literary figures.

All images courtesy of Southbank Centre, with our thanks.

Today's post freely adapted from the aMAZEme press release because I am currently experiencing a bad case of acute slugopathy with swollen lethargy, lazy bones, and iron-poor blood. Cerebral hemispheres not operating on all cylinders, either. Geritol or Vin Mariani tonics indicated but not ingested.

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  1. Re: Your health: Take one pill of everything (repeat: everything, never mind what it's meant for) you find in your medicine closet. Wash it down with hot rum and water (whisky will do at a pinch). Go to bed. Next morning you are either well or dead. Rather like Schrödinger's cat, but without the quantum rubbish. Frank


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