Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Lean. Mean Machine For Those Who Use Their Brains To Earn a Buck

By Stephen J. Gertz

The Royal Standard Typewriter is the ideal machine for the Author or Journalist, because of its versatility - added convenience. A literary man MUST be original: he should use the writing machine whose whole keynote is originality.

The Royal is not made especially for the use of writers, but for EVERYBODY who needs a typewriter. It is essentially the businessman's machine, complete in every detail.

Everything Included.
No Extras.

You've heard of the "master key" that fits every lock - did you ever hear of a Master-Model of a typewriter?

One Typewriter With the Combined Advantages of Many!

Think of all the combined advantages of several typewriters you have seen, concentrated in ONE standard writing-machine that handles perfectly every known form of general correspondence and does card-writing and condensed billing besides - without a single extra attachment to complicate the mechanism or add extra cost to your typewriter equipment - and you will have a fairly good conception of the MASTER-MODEL of the Royal!

The Best Built Typewriter in the World
Write for the "Royal Book" - or send for a "Royal Man"
Room 93, Royal Typewriter Building, NEW YORK
Branches and Agencies in All Parts of the World


A literary man MUST be original: he should use the writing machine whose whole keynote is originality. Which is why I used a Royal Standard Typewriter to compose this post. I simply thought about it and the machine responded with original text. It's magic! And with the Royal Standard Typewriter I never experience the blue screen of death, so common with inferior machines of later invention.

Full Disclosure: In 1913, the year this advertisement appeared and  thirty-eight years before I was born, I received a lifetime supply of typewriter ribbons from the Royal Typewriter Company in exchange for product placement and personal endorsement.

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