Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barnes and Noble Opens New Shop in...Kathmandu?

Is Barnes & Noble trying to conquer the Asian book market beginning from the continent’s highest altitude to it’s lowest? Attempting to provide Mt. Everest climbers with reading material for the schlep up and down?

Has the executive suite at Barnes & Noble filled with hashish smoke, courtesy of Kathmandu’s famed Eden Hashish Centre?

When Maria and Gim, two travelers reporting on their Around the World in 90 Days tour for Travelblog, were recently walking around the Thamel district of Katmandu, the city’s tourist district, during their visit to Nepal, they turned a corner and passed the above book shop. Gim got some great deals on new books at $5 each. I presume used-new as opposed to counterfeit new.

“Doesn’t seem to be a branch of our beloved Barnes in the States though.” Gim reports.

Unlikely. I don't think the chain (or its legal reach) is that long. But try to open an indie Barnes & Noble Book House in Kalamazoo and a K2 -size legal team will fall on you.

Two questions remain, for those of a certain turn of mind: Where, Oh, Where is the Eden Hashish Center located in Kathmandu? and Does Southwest have direct flights?

Bad news for bongers: The Eden Hashish Center closed in 1973 under pressure from the Nepalese government, in turn pressured by the U.S. And no, Southwest does not fly into Kathmandu.

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