Monday, September 21, 2009

Library Bling: The Chain's The Thing

Bookish buyers break out your bucks. The British edition of Elle Magazine has chosen the must have fashion accessory for Fall 2009: "Dirty Librarian Chains."

Reporter Amy Lawrensen announces the trend with her In Store This Week column: "Dirty Librarian Chains will add autumn’s essential punk edge to anything pretty."

Promising to deliver "an edgy, understated and yet slightly askew elegance," designer Susan Domelsmith creates a collection of "vintage chains that were deconstructed and reconfigured into new designs, meticulously composed, but still exuding an easy, streetwise wearability." What to call these chains NOT made for fools? What else but "Dirty Librarian Chains?"

The line's website features a lipsticked librarian sucking on a pencil, her throat encircled by the designer's "Archive" necklace. Other chains in the collection bear such bibliophilic monikers as "Prose," "Poetry," "Stacks," "Verso," "Due Date," and "Reference." Matching bracelets, earrings, and rings are also available. And finally catering to the muses who inspired these baubles, bangles, and beads, Domelsmith offers the "Dewey Eyeglass Chain" in gold tone, silver tone, or printer friendly black and white. Librarians of the world unite. You've got style to gain with these chains.

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