Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Shelves and Book Lovers Get the Full Monte at Library

by Stephen J. Gertz

Don't judge this man's book by its cover - or lack of one.

The ninth floor of D.H. Hill Library at North Carolina State University was the ninth ring of hell for patrons - and books - when a man, his epidermis bared and showing in its entirety, went on a rampage, knocking books off of shelves and threatening onlookers with, beyond a sore for sight-eyes, violence.

According to Capt. Jon Barnwell, Campus Police found the man just after 11 p.m. without his clothes, "agitated and in an altered mental state. It appears he may have been under the influence of some sort of drug," Barnwell said.

You think?

Alex Stewart, a freshman, said the naked man ran into the women's restroom on the ninth floor when police arrived. Barnwell said the suspect was not aggressive toward campus cops.

"I was passing the bookshelves and I heard all this noise. I turned and I see this white dude, butt-naked, he's just tearing up bookshelves," Stewart said. "It was crazy. I thought ‘Wow, is this guy crazy? Is he on drugs?'"

Fascinated by his behavior, fifteen people, according to Stewart, stood by and observed the spectacle. "He started coming up to us threatening to fight us," Stewart said. "He asked [students] if they wanted to die, and then he continued wrecking bookshelves."

"It was about 1,400 [books] just from estimates," one present in the aftermath said. "He wasn't doing it half-assed. It was all or nothing for this guy." Full-ass, full frontal, the full-monte.

Barnwell said the man was not arrested, but was taken to Rex Hospital to undergo medical evaluation.

Full story at TechnicianOnline.com.

With thanks, as always, to LISNews for the lead.

Image courtesy of Scott Cartiedge.

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